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If Carlsberg was a fitness class this would be it! You’ll sweat more than in a Swedish sauna while working out all the days stress! You’ll (safely) whirl a kettlebell of your choice around to music and end the class feeling like a Trojan!


Studio Cycle

Pilates meet ballet’sque stretching set to a calming playlist! Wanting stronger, leaner more supple muscles? Then this is the pick for you!

Spinning Class

Sculpt & Stretch

A combination of full body conditioning, working on mobilising and strengthening, and ending with a deep stretch. Perfect for anyone wanting to improve mobility and flexibility.

Girl Stretching


Think 80s workout class mixed with Mr Motivator, oodles of fun and you won’t be far wrong! Add in a dash of dance pose and you’ll find yourself cracking out those moves down the isle in Tesco in no time! Everyone welcome, knowing your right from left is optional!

Fitness Class


Think aerobics meets Pilates set to music….no one worries if you get your right and left mixed up, and you go away having worked every muscle you never knew you had!



Fancy getting fit while hanging around?! TRX is a class like no other, small moves while in a suspended state, it is a slower pace covering all muscle groups in very targeted moves.

Image by Anastase Maragos


Bodyweight tone is a strength class designed to target and tone specific muscle areas using only bodyweight.


Core strength

If it’s abs you want…it’s abs you’ll get with core! Planks, sit ups, leg raises and more…all while lying down! Who knew a strong core could be gained by lying on the floor?!

Core Exercise


Short, sweaty and set to music, all ages and abilities welcome. A whole variety of exercises repeated over 30 minutes….the BEST way to start your week!

Lifting Weights