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Mike Personal Trainer Launceston Cornwal


Owner, PT, Group Instructor

Mike owns Priority1 Fitness as well as offering Personal Training sessions and taking you through your paces in Group Classes!

Lucy P1.jpg


PT, Group Instructor

Lucie has been with Priority1 Fitness from the start and is available for Personal Training sessions.



PT, Group Instructor

Rachel is a professional dancer, fitness instructor and personal trainer.

One to one

Personal Training is a great way to kick start your fitness journey. You will discus your aims, goals and targets with your Trainer. These could be losing weight, improving Cardiovascular Endurance, Gaining Strength or to get yourself looking good for a life event.

The Personal Trainer will then spend time planning your bespoke sessions to be able to achieve your goals over a realistic timeframe.

Partner training 2-1

Partner Personal Training is another way of staying motivated and accountable during the sessions and also share the cost with a friend.

The Trainer will plan the sessions as they would for the 1-1 sessions and be able to give each of you the push you need to help reach those goals.

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